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Quince Hydrating Body Milk 145 ml *CLEARANCE SALE

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The subtly-scented Quince Hydrating Body Milk cools and soothes skin while this easily absorbed lotion encourages natural regeneration, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

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Clean, crisp and grounding, Quince Hydrating Body Milk with quince seed extract features a subtle, uplifting fragrance. This protective moisturizer with extracts of fortifying blackthorn and sage has a stabilizing effect on your skin, preventing moisture loss and keeping it smooth, soft and balanced year-round.

Formulation: Hydrating quince seed extract transfers its natural moisturizing properties to the skin. Combined with jojoba and olive oils, quince also helps skin maintain moisture balance. Extracts of blackthorn and sage fortify, revitalize and firm. Skin looks and feels smooth, soft and supple.

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Protects and regulates the skin’s moisture ; Has a stabilising effect on and gives structure to the skin ; Helps skin gain its natural balance ; Ideal care if the skin needs to recover (e.g. after exercising, sauna, sunbeds) ; Quickly absorbed

Target Group

People with dry skin ; People who are looking for care that is simple but special

Special Features

Suitable for hand and body care, in particular for arm rubs during the Dr. Hauschka treatment

Special Ingredients

Quince (Pyrus cydonia), sloe – as blossom and fruit (Prunus spinosa), sage (Salvia officinalis), olive oil (Olea europaea).



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