Father’s Day – Fresh & Essential Gift (UP$94)

$94.00 $78.00

Father’s Day Gift set of Mouthwash, Sage Mint Deodorant and new Shower Cream

Sage Mouthwash 300 ml

Sage Mouthwash effectively supports teeth cleaning and provides that confident feeling of fresh breath.

Sage Mint Deodorant 50 ml

Sage Mint Deodorant helps adjust skin pH to discourage odor production while offering a light, fresh scent from pure essential oils.

New! Shower Cream 150ml

Gentle and creamy body wash. Protective quince seed extract activates the skin’s natural powers. The creamy light foam contains purely plant-based surfactants that gently cleanse without drying out the skin. Selected vegetable oils provide an extra dose of nourishing care. The scent of fresh lemons and lemongrass awakens the senses and provides a burst of freshness with every shower.


Awaken your body with our Happy Fresh & Essential Set.

Our refreshing Sage Mint Deodorant is aluminium-free as mint and sage essential oils provide long-lasting freshness while tapioca starch absorbs excess moisture.

Flouride-free Sage mouthwash Contains extracts of anti-inflammatory sage, healing marigold and marsh mallow to soothe and improve oral hygiene.

Finally, take an invigorating shower with our luxuriously creamy Lemongrass Shower Cream that will fill the room with citrus notes. You can’t go wrong with this essential set that is sure to enliven and refresh.

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Sage Mouthwash 300 ml

Sage Mint Deodorant 50 ml

New! Shower Cream 150ml


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