Skincare for Eczema Prone Skin

Our skin acts as a barrier that protects us from external influences. However, when this barrier function is weakened, we may face problems such as extremely dry skin or atopic dermatitis (eczema). This is due to the lack of proteins and lipids which result in an increase in loss of moisture through the epidermis. This results in dry, brittle and rough skin.

In acute phases, the skin will start to flake and itching ensues – this is when the skin needs special support. According to a holistic dermatologist Dr. Sabine Neff, “Medical skincare can strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and promote its own, innate regulatory abilities.” Dr. Hauschka Med has developed systematic medical skincare that has been tested on the very people for whom it is intended. The verdict: All Dr. Hauschka Med products are extremely effective and is very well tolerated by the skin.