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To sparkle and enjoy this festive season...choose Dr.Hauschka Holiday Gift Sets for face or body to treat someone special or yourself. Dr.Hauschka is 100% Natrue certified, natural and organic cosmetic with beautiful scent to relax, activate, pamper and nurture your skin. 


Available from $79-483 at our flagship store Star Vista #01-03 , Takashimaya Square B2 now till 17 Nov or check us out online at

*T&Cs Apply, while stocks last




Brightening Eye Care Set

$109 (UP $139)

Daily Hydrating Eye Cream, Brow & Lash Gel Mini 3 ml, Tweezers


Sometimes, less is more. This Dr. Hauschka gift set highlights your natural beauty and lets your eyes sparkle. The formulations combine effective medicinal plants like marsh mallow and eyebright with high-quality oils to leave your eyes fresh and your eyelashes nourished – for a natural radiance. An exclusive pair of tweezers completes this Dr. Hauschka Christmas gift set.


Softening Body Care Set

$89 (UP $99)

Rose Nurturing/Moor Lavender Calming/Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Oils 30 ml, Lavender Soap 100 g


There are moments when our skin and senses long for pampering care – especially in winter. The Dr. Hauschka Softening Body Care gift set provides three care rituals in one set. Our fragrant body oils pamper more than just the skin with their three unique characters. Protection, envelopment or freshness – you decide which impulses your body and mind need today. An exquisite and exclusive organic lavender soap bar completes this pampering Holiday gift set.


Rose Body Cream Gift Set

$14 (UP $35)

Rose Nurturing Body Cream 30ml, Lavender Body Cream 10ml, Lemon Lemongrass Body Wash10ml


Hydrating Hand Cream Gift Set

$18 (UP $40)

Hydrating Hand Cream 30ml, Lavender Body Wash & Body Cream 10ml each


Revitalising Skin Gift

$188 (UP $265.5)

Cleansing Cream, Toner, Revitalising Day Cream 100ml, Free Night Serum 2.5ml, Cosmetic Sponge, Face Towel


The perfect gift to begin a 100% natural & organic skin loving skincare ritual for a healthy, balanced skin. The Cleansing Cream gently removes dirt. Toner visibly refines pores and supports the skin’s natural firmness and elasticity. Moisturise with Dr Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream and Night Serum to protect and regenerate the skin.


Renewing Skin Gift

$268 (UP$352)

Cleansing Cream, Renewing Night Conditioner 50amp, Firming Mask


After a long day out, it’s time to come home to a well- deserved rest and to shower your skin with love with the popular Dr Hauschka Renewing Skin set. Start with Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream which gently exfoliates, revealing a smooth and supple face. The Renewing Night Conditioner takes special care to balance all skin conditions while guiding the skin’s natural renewal process. Add on the Firming Mask to reduce the appearance of fine lines and let the moisturising properties of this product do its work while you take a 20-minute renewing nap.


Renewing Skin for Sensitive Gift

$278 (UP$370)

Cleansing Milk, Sensitive Care Conditioner 50amp, Soothing Mask


The Renewing Set for Sensitive Skin is a saviour to soothe, strengthen and calm sensitive skin. Soothing Cleansing Milk gently remove makeup and dirt to cleanse and heal your skin. The Sensitive Care Conditioner is specially formulated to provide advanced gentle care to calm red, irritated, sensitive inflamed skin. This rhythmic conditioner supports the skin’s natural processes of renewal to quickly soothe and cool, reducing the appearance of redness and guiding the skin to a calm balance. The soothing mask fortifies and brings relief to even couperose-prone skin.


Intensive Regenerating Gift

$483 (UP$627)

Regenerating Eye Cream, Serum, Day Cream, Free Neck & Decollete Cream

Our Intensive Regenerating Gift Set is suitable for mature women to renew the skin and reveal a brighter, wrinkle-free complexion. During the day, our rich but lightweight Day Cream keeps the skin moisturised while lightening pigmentation and in the night, our Serum regenerates the skin to effectively reduce fine lines. On top of that, experience Dr.Hauschka’s essential care for smoothing and refining the delicate skin with Eye Cream and Neck & Decollete Cream.


Regenerating Body Gift

$129 (UP$176)

Regenerating Hand & Body Cream


Keep the skin firm and deeply moisturised with our Regenerating Body Gift set for anti-ageing. Our Regenerating Body Cream and Hand Cream help to minimize wrinkles, enhances the skin's tone and elasticity; Containing rich antioxidant properties, the cream hydrates and firms up your skin giving you a youthful look.


Essential Nourishment Gift

$79 (UP $99.5)

Shower Cream, 1 Body Cream(A choise of Rose, Lavender Sandalwood, Almond), Body Oil 10ml


Prepare yourself for the holiday season with Dr Hauschka consisting of a Shower Cream and a choice of Rose, lavender Sandalwood or Almond Body Cream and an aroma Body Oil travel size. The shower cream cleanses as it awakens the senses and provides a burst of freshness for very show with its natural scent of lemons and lemongrass. The cream and oil hydrates without leaving an oily feel, offers warmth and protection to the skin and senses. Quickly absorbed, the rich luxurious body moisturizer supports the skin’s natural barrier function to protect, soothe and restore. Skin will be toned, smooth and soft after cleansing and moisturising the body.


Aroma Body Milk Gift

$116 (UP $136)

2 Body Milks(Choise of Lemon Lemongrass/Quince), Free Lemon or Spruce Bath Essence 30ml

If you are looking to pamper your skin, Aroma Body Milk Gift Set is sure to please. Our light weight Body Milk is perfect for awakening the senses and putting a spring in your step. With its irresistibly fresh scent and strengthening medicinal plant extracts, it supports the skin’s vitality and structure. For a little extra care, our Spruce or Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence makes for a refreshing bathing or foot bath time. Inhale the aromatic scents of our body range and relax and unwind.


Aroma Body Oil Gift

$162 (UP $212)

3 Body Oils(A choise of Rose, Moor Lavender, Lemon Lemongrass, Blackthorn, Birch Arnica), Free Bath Essence

Tis' the season to be glowing! Take some time to awaken your senses with aromatherapy Body Oils formulated from based on medicinal herbs. Dr Hauschka Body Oil quickly absorb, hydrate and make the skin soft and brilliant. The set comes with a free full size Bath Essence 100ml with a choice of Sage Purifying, Calming Moor Lavender, Nutruing Rose and Vitalising Lemon Lemongrass.