Why doesn’t Dr. Hauschka make a night cream?


Moisturizers are exactly what your skin needs during the day. There’s no doubt about that. During the day, our skin benefits from the care of waxes and oils, which protect skin from the elements as we’re out and about living our lives.

At night, the opposite is true—moisturizers are not needed. Once the sun sets, your skin is biologically programmed to perform its natural nighttime functions of self-cleansing, balancing oil production and cellular renewal. However, if you apply oil-based moisturizing products like night creams, they can interfere with these essential tasks.

Dr. Hauschka’s carefully formulated, water-based preparations bolster your skin’s natural nighttime processes. Featuring combinations of balancing and rejuvenating botanicals that are easily and completely absorbed, Dr. Hauschka night care products like Facial Toner and Clarifying Toner, Night SerumRegenerating Serum and Renewing Night Conditioner support the skin’s nighttime processes without interference. They simply and naturally work with the skin so it can better take care of itself. The result is skin that greets each morning with a rosy, radiant glow.

Water-Based Nightly skin care

At night, your skin flourishes when offered water-based night care products like Night Serum that allow skin to breathe freely, regenerate and revitalize. Dr. HauschkaSkin Care recommends only water-based preparations at night so the skin´s important night-time processes can function properly without becoming dependent upon product.


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