Five Intensive Treatments for Special Cases


Healing Power of Precious Stones and Medicinal Herbs-

Dr. Hauschka’s Five Intensive Treatments for Special Cases

Our skin makes up a big part of the outer shell we present to the world every day. We wish to keep it healthy and shiny looking. However, biologically our skin is the first line of defense and can be weakened by excessive sunshine, humid, haze, stress or other environmental influences. Our skin often reacts with blemishes, irritations or inflammation, and puberty or aging can also damage the skin’s balance. At times like these, you should pay more attentions and take care of your skin.

Dr.Hauschka developed a range of 5 special Intensive Treatments, which supplement basic care when the skin needs to have its natural balance restored. They are spray-on treatments, which combines selected medicinal herb extracts, precious gemstones, and natural thermal salt water from the Bad Bentheim spa in Germany, to heal 5 different types of skin conditions. Proper treatment can revitalize skin and slow the aging process, keeping skin healthier and brighten!

< HOW TO USE >After morning and evening cleansing, sprayed onto the face, neck and décolleté and gently press into the skin. Use for 28 days, to follows the natural skin cycle which cells are completely renewed. Recommend to use 4 times a year.

Clarifying Intensive Treatment(up to age 25) — For oily & acne prone teenage skin

Especially during puberty, the skin reacts to hormonal changes by producing more oil, which can lead to blackheads, pimples and inflammation. In this case, the skin needs to be regulated to diminish inflammation, to assist its cleansing processes and to clear the complexion.

Clarifying Intensive Treatment(up to age 25) contains rose colored precious stone rhodochrosite which stimulates the skin’s metabolism, nasturtium extracts to counter inflammations and daisy clarify the skin.

With these balanced ingredients, it acts quickly to help reduce inflammation, sooth and harmonize the blemished young skin. It’s effective to minimize breakouts & prevent pimples from returning.

Clarifying Intensive Treatment(age 25+) — For blemished adult skin

Even adult skin may have trouble with unattractive pimples, especially around the face line or décolleté. The hormones, such as before your menstrual cycle, or stress may cause adult acne. In this case, the skin needs to calm and to normalize imbalanced skin.

Clarifying Intensive Treatment(age 25+) contains spring-green precious stone peridot for purification, while dog’s mercury stimulate the skin’s metabolism. Chicory & witch hazel help to stabilize the skin and salvia leaf supports unbalanced hormones.

This treatment quickly soothes inflammation and regulates the skin’s balance. It promotes the skin’s cleansing process and clears the complexion too. You can see it refines the pores and help to prevent pimples from returning.

Soothing Intensive Treatment — For hypersensitive skin

When life becomes too busy or gets too much stressed, your oversensitive skin might react with red area on the face or neck. Or maybe the skin often get dried, or inflamed…etc. This type of skin needs protection while soothing and strengthens it at the same time.

Soothing Intensive Treatment includes precious stone black tourmaline for harmonizing and fortifying properties. Kidney vetch balances and stabilizes the skin, while ice plant & kalanchoe keep the skin moisturized. Also, rose water harmonizes the sensitive skin.

This treatment works quickly to calm & strengthens reddened, irritated, reactive skin. It helps to reduce stress-related blemishes and fortify the natural resilience of oversensitive skin.

Regenerating Intensive Treatment — For demanding, mature skin (over 40)

From a certain age, the metabolism of the cells becomes slower and the skin begins to lose vitality. The mature skin presents specific characteristics; like dehydration, less elastic, lack of tone, deep wrinkles, open pores etc. When you see some aging signs, this special treatment can assist to boost and empower your skin.

Regenerating Intensive Treatment contains precious stones blue tourmaline & amber for revitalising, and gold to stimulate the regenerative powers. Madonna lily & marshmallow keep the skin deep moisturise. Furthermore, ginkgo, olive oil & royal jelly invigorate the skin.

All of these powerful natural ingredients help to activate the skin’s regenerative powers, and give the skin a radiant, firmed and nurtured look! It can also prevent dryness lines and enhances the skin’s tone. This will leave the skin feeling hydrated and revitalized for long time.

Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin — For skin during menopause

This special treatment is formulated for the needs of skin during menopause. During menopause, estrogen levels fall down which makes the skin to lost its natural balances and starts to face many problems, such as redness caused by hot flashes or irregular pigmentation. This product helps to balance hormonally related skin changes and fortifies the skin.

Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin contains precious stone red ruby which harmonise blood circulation, and silver to promote the regeneration of the skin and epidermis. Black cohosh & monk’s pepper support to balance menopausal skin, while rose water harmonise the skin.

As you start using it, it gives the skin a feeling of relaxation and harmony. It sooth redness caused by hot flashes and minimize pigmentation. Also, to revitalize dull skin and leaves the skin looking radiant & healthy!

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